Eat Cake

Eat Cake

by Jeanne Ray

Kim Sisto Robinson: Take a middle aged housewife, a husband who just lost his job, a sarcastic old grandma, an artsy piano playing grandpa, and a snotty know-it-all-teenager...who all live under the same roof and what do you end up with? All of the right elements for a savory novel!

While the rest of the world copes with dysfunction by getting drunk, smoking weed, or writing poetry...Ruth bakes cakes! And not just your run-of-the-mill cakes, but unbelievably moist, delectable cakes. Sweet potato cakes, expresso cakes, orange cake w/burnt orange frosting.

ohhhhhhhh yeeees, Baaaby!

Instead of blowing up and going crazy...Ruth measures baking powder, sugar, flour, pure vanilla and beats the mixture to purrfect perfection. In the midst of chaos...Ruth bakes and bakes and bakes....and then, she will even sell her masterpieces in pretty pink boxes. "When I want to go someplace, a quiet safe place, I go inside a cake," Ruth says.

"Eat Cake" has all the right ingrediants for a fun read. Oh, and I still taste the sugary batter opon my tongue!
Rating: ****

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