Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Harriet Landau (09/12/12): I did not like this book at all. I found the author to be self absorbed and boring.
Rating: *

Ratih Oktarini: I find this book is quite enjoyable while it also gives me valuable experience. I may not be able to connect to Elizabeth Gilbert's divorce experience but I can see that what she is experiencing is a struggle that most women face in lives. Keeping identity, developing ourselves, while taking control of our lives in the midst of all troubles, problems and situations. I would suggest this book, it's worthy to read.
Rating: ****

Barb Crout: I found this book to be very sad. Reading of the anguish and continuing turmoil of a life was upsetting to me and the only thing that kept me reading was the author's wit and her colorful and "accidental" acquaintances. She is so centered in self that I worry that she will never find room in her life for any lasting relationship. I will read her next book, "Committed" - and maybe she will tell me.
Rating: ***

Hadriane Kalfus: I enjoyed this book for the inspiration that a woman actually took a huge risk and tried to think out of the box and change her life. As women we go through many changes in our lives, not only divorce. Though Gilbert's journey may not be for everyone, it teaches us to be strong, take risks and be true to ourselves. If we try to change even the smallest facet of our lives, we see how difficult it can be and we are more in awe of Gilbert for what she managed to achieve. We as women, need to be aware of how important we are, have strong identities, self worth and keep on keeping on. I advise any women struggling with "life" to be inspired in some small way by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Rating: ****

Debbie Weiss: I am probably the only person I know who did not like this book. Perhaps it is because I really prefer fiction, but I think it is because I just did not connect with the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I could not relate to the experience of a difficult divorce and I could not relate to spending hours upon hours searching for spiritual satisfaction and God. Some of her tales seemed a little too contrived and the coincidental outcomes seemed questionable. This book was a difficult read for me.
Rating: *

Barbara Diener: I love this book. It reads as if you are speaking to a good friend and she is confiding in you as a best friend. Her writing style is witty and easy to read. The book is about the growth of a woman and her experiences after a reality awakening divorce and lifestyle change. It also helps that she fulfills one of my own dreams of going to Italy and learning to live her life, speak the language and eating her way through one of my favorite cities!!!! "normal" right now.  I've found "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert to be extremely helpful, funny and inspiring.
Rating: *****

Brenda Horne: I'm going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage and I am trying to find a new "normal" right now.  I've found "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert to be extremely helpful, funny and inspiring.

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