Emerald Destiny

Emerald Destiny

by Allie Burke

Jennifer Gilbert: I feel like most of the book series I have read recently have the same people in them. Right from the start Emerald Destiny caught my attention because it takes off with the next generation of enchanters. It still brought the people I loved from Violet Midnight into the mix, but the story focused on Evan and Abby who met at the tail end of book 1. I loved them as a couple. They beat the odds and found each other even when their respective families did not think they should be together. I also loved this incredibly sweet and intense friendship between the twins Abby and Daniel. I got the sense the author adores her own siblings. The characters continue the power of the elements with their special gifts. And I found myself wishing I had an aura. That to me shows the skill of the author, in that it struck my imagination and the scenes in her book found a place in my own mind and dreams. If I had a color I would want it to be a fiery orange. I canít wait to start the next book.
Rating: *****

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