Emperor's Children

Emperor's Children

by Claire Messud

Anne Ferber: Here we have an intelligent novel about thirty somethings making it in New York City at the end of the twentieth century. They are oh so smart and self-involved, and the writing is so engaging, and the story/plotline sallies forth so smoothly, you can't put the dern thing down! I was a bit put off by the author's insistent and constant use of paranthetical phrases coloring each character's thoughts with so much additional emotion--maybe that's her style, or maybe it's part of each character's lack of self confidence. The absolute climax of the book--and you know it's coming because the date keeps getting closer: 9/11- is so riviting, it reads like a thriller at that point. For all you New Yorkers out there and those who wannabe, this is a must read.
Rating: ****

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