Enchanted Islands

Enchanted Islands

by Allison Amend

Overview: Born to immigrant parents in Minnesota just before the turn of the century, Frances Frankowski grew up coveting the life of her best friend, Rosalie Mendel. And yet, decades later, when the women reconnect in San Francisco, their lives have diverged. Rosalie is a housewife and mother, while Frances works for the Office of Naval Intelligence and has just been given a top-secret assignment: marry handsome spy Ainslie Conway and move to the GalŠpagos Islands to investigate the Germans living there in the build-up to World War II.

Amid active volcanoes, forbidding wildlife and flora, and unfriendly neighbors, Ainslie and Frances carve out a life for themselves. But the secrets they harborófrom their friends, from their enemies, and even from each otherómay be their undoing.

Faith Bowers (08/31/17): I really liked Enchanted Islands for its character and relationships development it is historical fiction and for the great descriptions of living in the Galapagos Islands. The beginning was slow based on Jewish immigration stories in the late 19th century in Duluth, MN of all places. Rosalie and Frances develop a friendship based on the closeness of growing up together. They are always worlds apart with their own lives but love each other anyway. Francesí world really opens up in her late 50s when she leaves teaching in San Francisco. A single independent woman in the 1930s seemed unusual but that was her life. I look forward to reading Ms Amendís other novels.
Rating: ****

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