by Anne Roiphe

Kim Sisto Robinson: In the midst of my own grief and mourning, I stumbled upon Epilogue: a raw, flowing, beautiful memoir about author, Anne Roiphe, (trying ) to move on after her husbands heart attack. "Time is the widows friend, they say. But what they say is not always true. What I know is that time is moving forward while the face of the moon changes and changes back again and I am here suspended in time...like a fly waiting for release." Epilogue

I LOVED this book. I love Roiphes indisputable voice, her gorgeous language, her sassiness. I love that she does not write her story with rose colored glasses, but she inscribes the words with her own blood. Losing a loved one hurts like hell, like triple hell, and its difficult to move forward. But Roiphe does move forward the best way she knows how; she even begins dating again on Harmony.Com. The thing is: Nobody can replace our first love. Nobody. This is a book about putting one foot in front of the other after losing our soul-mates. It is a book about survival. It is like poetry.

Jot down Anne Roiphes name. Her words are worth devouring.
Rating: ****

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