Eternal on the Water

Eternal on the Water

by Joseph Monninger

Donna Newman: Three seems to be a number that unites related events in my life. In the past week, I have experienced Earth Day, watched "You Don't Know Jack" (about Jack Kervorkian) on HBO and completed the book "Eternal on the Water," by Joseph Monninger, an author who is totally new to me. Frankly, I picked up the book on sale at B & N while on vacation; a "love story immersed in ... nature" is not usually on my must read list.

Mary Fury, a biology professor at the University of New Hampshire, meets Jonathan Cobb, a teacher at a New England prep school, while they are both boating on a river in Maine. Theirs is the central love story of the book, and the reader knows from the first page of the novel that their love has a tragic end (the HBO association). Crows are Mary's area of expertise, and the book is filled with much information, some factual some myth, about crows and other animals. The readers are able to travel through Maine, Indonesia and Yellowstone Natural park along with Mary and Cobb and learn about the wildlife in each area.

The book is definitely chick lit with a touch of Sierra Club. I defy anyone to finish the book without a box of tissues or a desire to hug his or her loved ones. There is a book club guide at the end, and the questions are actually interesting.
Rating: ***

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