by Susan Minot

Kim Sisto Robinson: "Evening" is written so stunningly that one must, at times, hold their breath, anticipating the next shimmering sentence. Anne Lord slips in and out of conscientious as she waits to die. Minot brings the reader in and out of Anne's mind like something flowing, sometimes gushing, and at times, like a bomb going off directly in our faces. Minot does this with such great perfection and completeness that the reader will enter Anne Lord's world as if they were sitting at her bedside, wiping her forehead, listening to her shallow breathing, and inhaling death themselves. Yes, Minot is a genius.

"Evening" is a Picasso painting with a heartbeat. Every sense will be heightened and alive; every moment matters; every disconnected brush stroke will reconnect in the end. In death, Anne Lord finally aquires the life she so despartely wanted from the beginning.

***I've read this book four times. Quite honestly, it's one of the most surperb, well written books I've ever encountered***
Rating: *****

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