Faithful Place

Faithful Place

by Tana French

Arlene Almas (11/09/12): "Faithful Place" is a combination of a murder mystery and a look at contemporary life in Dublin through the eyes of a police detective who grew up in a poor section of the city and has been estranged from his dysfunctional family for over 20 years. As a young man, Frank had plans to run away to England with his girlfriend Rosie, both because they were deeply in love and because they were desperate to escape from their constricted lives in the inner city. When Rosie didn't show up at their arranged meeting place on the night they were to leave Dublin, Frank left home anyway, sure that Rosie had dumped him. Now, 22 years later, there is a murder to solve - a case that drags Frank back into the complex relationships he had, and still has, with his parents and siblings. Tana French keeps the story moving on both levels, the mystery and the personal, with her straightforward, easy-to-relate-to narrative voice; I found myself constantly eager to read on to the next twist in the road for our emotionally flawed detective.
Rating: ****

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