Fall of Giants

Fall of Giants

by Ken Follett

Debbie Weiss (08/31/12): 'Fall of Giants' is an epic about 5 families in 5 countries during the years leading up to and during WWI. The characters include a 13-year-old Welsh boy who is working in the mines, his sister who works as a housekeeper for the upper class, the aristorcratic British Fitzherberts of England, an American lawyer working at the Woodrow Wilson White House, a German spy and 2 orphaned Russian brothers. Their life paths interweave in both political and romantic encounters. The characters are well developed and the story lines are interesting. Never a history buff, I learned a lot about the circumstances that brought the world to the "war to end all wars." I definitely did not love the book like Dale did. The book was close to 1000 pages and I would have enjoyed it much more if it had only been 500 pages. I never was excited to pick it up after putting it down and I was anxious for it to end. Sorry to all the Follett lovers out there, but I am only rating this saga a 3.
Rating: ***

Dale Israel: The best book ever written was Ken Follet's 'Pillars of the Earth' and 'World Without End' was a very close second. Well, at least that's my humble opinion! So, when I heard Follett had written another book, the first in a trilogy no less, I could hardly wait for it to hit the bookstores. Without a doubt, Follett is a masterful storyteller who captures your attention and introduces you to colorful characters and adventures. 'Fall of Giants' doesn't quite measure up to 'Pillars,'but quite honestly, is it realistic to expect that another book could? 'Giants' was interesting because Follett weaved together several different story lines and miraculously had them intersect by the completion of the novel. I learned a tremendous amount about WWI and the lives of those living during that time period! At times, I got bogged down with the world politics that he described at great length but that could be a plus for history buffs. Still, I'm looking forward to the second book in this trilogy...Follett continues to be my hero! On another note, for those living in the Atlanta area, I invite you to attend my 'Novel' Exchange Book Event & Benefit on Sunday, Feb. 27 from 2:30 to 5. I have an excellent author coming and it will be a lot of fun. For more information, see invitation listed on this home page or email me at daleisrael@bellsouth.net. Thanks!
Rating: ****

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