by Karin Slaughter

Wanda Cohen: I love Karin Slaughter and her style of writing. She can go to some very dark places and can create some exhaustingly intense plots. One of her character is Will Trent. He is flawed and had the kind of childhood that you hope is pure fiction. He used all that to make the decision to be the best person he could be and to do something with his life. He is a great study in surviving and then thriving but with a complicated set of internal rules, regulations and preset expectations.

In this book he is investigating a case of murder and kidnapping. His GBI partner is right in the middle of this case as she is a witness, a victim, and a killer, and her mother has been kidnapped. Did I mention that her mother is a retired police officer of the Atlanta Police Bureau? Did I mention that she made some powerful enemies along the way? Add it all up and you get a page turner set on streets we drive, in city we might call home. Will manages to reconnect with the tall, redheaded doctor who gives him shivers and very nice dreams. That adds a whole different dimension to this book that is both exciting and heartwarming. Take it to the beach and you will be asking for rain so you can read!
Rating: ****

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