Fat Girl

Fat Girl: A True Story

by Judith Moore

Kim Sisto Robinson: "Fat Girl" is a disturbing book. One will be thrown forcefully into a world of fatism, racism, and hatism. The character states this: \"Food is the mother, the father, the warm hearted lover, the house built of red brick that not even the wolf can blow down.\" I identified with "Fat Girl," not because of my weight, but because I understand what it feels like to be hungry, thirsty, and addicted to needing something, even a person; I know what if feels like when one desires to fill a void.

Several of us tend to see ourselves through other people's eyes, and their perception of us becomes our reality, our destiny. For example, when the narrator states: "Sometimes I forgot I was fat. I was happy. And then when I walked out into the world everybody reminded me about my appearence. I hated myself." In a world of differences, when will we all realize that we are essentially the same? I mean, basically we are all searching for acceptance and love. This is what Moore is expressing here. Read it. You may see the world in a new way.
Rating: ****

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