Fateful Love

by Mary Sanglante

Aglaia Best: This romantic thriller is easy to read. I was not able to put the book down until I finished it. The plot flows so smoothly, that changing chapters is almost unnoticeable, the intrigue absorbs you completely and the new heroes are introduced in a very comfortable way. I especially liked to track how Martha's love grows. It's impossible to hold back sympathy for Robert Noirson, despite the fact that he's an antihero. All he does to impress Martha involuntarily affects the reader as well. However, you can feel the increasing tension, and it's obvious for Martha that it won't be a happily-ever-after marriage. When Brandy appears, at first I felt pity for her, but when she starts her revenge, only because of her jealousy, the sympathy for her fades and you just want to say: "Get out of here!" During the whole story, the author shows unstopping conflict between Goodness and Evil, and often humans act much worse than demons. The author shows that people have freedom of choice, and can't always use it properly.

In the mean time, there is so much evil in this world that this book makes us think how we act when contacting with others, how we all are connected and how we affect each other. It's sad that Martha's love overpowered her faith, but it's understandable and you don't feel anger, but pity for her. A few times the author shows the Power of God and the blessing of forgiveness and repentance. I like the allegories and metaphors that the author uses during the narration. The scene that impressed me the most - when Martha was unable to go back. The illustrations are also great! They illustrate the events without strife with your own imagination.
Rating: *****

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