Find You in the Dark

Find You in the Dark

by Nathan Ripley

Overview:In this “fast-paced, morbidly addictive novel of chilling infatuation” —perfect for fans of Caroline Kepnes’s Hidden Bodies and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series—a family man with a habit of digging up the past catches the attention of a serial killer who is determined to keep his secrets uncovered.

Carole Zwicker (11/21/18): If you like your mystery fiction dark and foreboding, this is the book for you. Dread seems to be around every corner. Martin Reese, a retiree, has a strange hobby. He secretly buys serial killer files from an unscrupulous policeman and then intensely studies them until he finds the location of the hidden bodies of the victims. After digging to verify that he is correct, he leaves the remains where he found them and then reports his findings to the police, always anonymously. Detective Sandra Whittal soon becomes suspicious that the person finding these bodies may himself be a killer. And someone is watching Martin and his family! This is a first novel for Nathan Ripley and hopefully there will be more to follow. Well done.
Rating: ****

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