Finding Fish

Finding Fish

by Antwone Fisher

Judy Stanton: This autobiographical story of a poor child born the ward of the state and placed in a home where he was never loved is just heartbreaking. Almost as powerful as the book & movie, The Blind Side, the story of Antwone Fisher also has a happy ending. But, his situation was much more common...never being adopted, ending up homeless at one point, and only finding guidance and education through military service. Fisher doesn't whitewash his life experience, nor that of those who did not ultimately fare as well as he did. It's almost more amazing that someone like him didn't turn to alcohol, drugs or crime after all he suffered as a child. It's also a heartwarming reminder of how much small acts of kindness can greatly impact another's life. I loved the way he wrote about the teacher who inspired him, the officers who were hard on him but taught him how to have self respect, and the friends and their families who took him in -- all glimmers of light in his pretty dim childhood. Well done.
Rating: ****

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