Finding Gordon Lipschitz

Finding Gordon Lipschitz

by Shane Finkelstein

Judy Stanton (07/30/14): Ever been to a high school reunion and wondered whatever happened to someone you used to be best friends with? That's the premise behind this quirky novel set in New York, Atlanta and New Orleans. The protagonist is Harris Greenberg, whose life is in disarray, having divorced his wife, who moved to Chicago with his children, while he stayed in New Orleans, post Katrina, trying in vain to revive his dying restaurant business. Hooking up with old friends at the reunion, he engages them on this journey to find a brilliant but gorky elementary school friend, who, it turns out, ended up in a mental institution. While I enjoyed the book, I found it really hard to relate to all the misadventures --stealing boats, heavy drinking, doing drugs, and the unbelievable around-the-clock partying in New Orleans. If you've lived in NY and ATL and you're Jewish, you'll find some things you can definitely relate to, and smile. A quick, fun read. 3+
Rating: ***+

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