Fissure Free

Fissure Free

by Shari Ryan

Jennifer Gilbert (06/08/14): I just finished reading Fissure Free by Shari J. Ryan and it was so amazing. It answered all the questions Schasm caused for me and then raised the bar to a whole new level. The writing was beautiful and lyrical. The thriller-ish energy continued and I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole read. The author took a creative and crazy idea and made it into something catchy and compelling. It was so interesting how Chloe and Alex’s lives were “controlled” by something they couldn’t prevent or really control and I found the way they handled it moving, inspiring, and unforgettable. Talk about unconditional love. It is fun to read something and literally watch the author mature as a writer before your eyes. I am still thinking about some of the twists and turns. If you have not read Schasm which is book 1 in the series, I would start there.
Rating: *****

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