Follow an Angel

Follow an Angel

by Marilyn Baron

Kym Fullen Amaral: After being stood up two weeks before turning 30, Eden decides to take a leave of absence from work, love, and her life in New York. She goes to her parents’ beachfront condo in Florida.

Eden curls up on a recliner outside, and, after polishing off a bottle of Shiraz, falls asleep to the lull of a delicious ocean breeze. She wakes up and sees a beautiful cloud formation, which she believes looks like an Angel. She rubs her eyes and realizes she is seeing a man with wings, wearing a sexy pair of Aviators. She blinks her eyes in disbelief. Maybe drinking a whole bottle of wine last night wasn’t one of her better ideas. Maybe this Angel was heaven-sent to help her mend her broken heart and fix her messed up life.

Grab your Kindle, Nook, or e-Reader and download this story by Marilyn Baron, to find out how an Angel-in-training changes Eden's life with a tweet that says, “Is anybody out there?” This is one Twitterific story you won’t want to miss!
Rating: *****

AJ Kirby, Leeds, UK: Where can I start with this one? By referencing the wonderfully, witty writing, the sharp characterisation and the brilliant dialogue? By quoting some of the best-set humorous asides and narrative set plays? Or by mentioning the quite fantastic twist at the end? Perhaps I'll start with this admission. I am not generally a reader of romantic stories, and I generally err towards more masculine fiction. I've also a bit of a stiff upper-lip, being a Brit. But, and here's the rub, this excellent short left me with a real lump in my throat. And if only for that, it deserves to be a bestseller.

Of course Baron's work is more than a romance. It's cross genre. It's bracketed very much in modern times with the references to Facebook and Twitter and Twilight. But it's also following in the great tradition of short fiction in that it stands strong as a coherent whole, with a great narrative arc. And it tickles at the ribs too.

It starts with a sad image: "A line of people snakes past the maitre d' stand, no doubt looking at the poster of my name and face that I imagine is plastered all over the wall: 'Eden Eastman. New York's Most Unwanted Woman. If you see her, don't bother loving her. She's living alone.'

She's a woman who's been a bridesmaid seven times, whose biological clock is ticking, whose job is sucking the lif e out of her, and to top it all off, she's been stood up (despite having analysed her potential date against a to-date-him-or-not-to-date-him spreadsheet - a wicked touch from Baron.)

But the story soon moves away from the maudlin, with the quite miraculous introduction of the angel, who arrives against a backdrop of a stunning ocean sunrise. But straight away Baron introduces levity to the situation: 'I don't relish having to explain angel splatter on the concrete below to the board of my parents' condo association. I've heard of fallen angels, but I don't want to be responsible for any falling angels.' Of course, this isn't an angel like many we've encountered before. For a start, Gabe has his own Facebook page ('doesn't everybody?')

I don't want to spoil any more of the pleasure in reading this fantastic story, but I'll just say that it comes highly recommended. Worth more than 5 stars if that were possible...
Rating: *****

Pam Asberry: Marilyn Baron has done it again with her latest supernatural romance, Follow An Angel. With its sympathetic characters, mesmerizing plot, and highly satisfying ending, this book is a real page-turner.

Thirty years old, always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride Eden Eastman is resigned to being single. Jaded from years of online dating and on the heels of being stood up by one man too many, she considers checking herself into Belleview or jumping off a bridge. But since she’s actually neither crazy nor suicidal, she decides instead to flee New York City and retreat to her parents’ beachfront property in an attempt to heal her broken heart.

All bets are off when hunky, winged Gabriel appears hovering over the balcony of the fifth floor condo, explaining that he is a celestial being on a mission. Like Clarence from It’s A Wonderful Life, Gabe is an angel in training; unlike Clarence, he is no old fogey – after all, he has a Facebook page! And using his social media savvy, he devises a plan to help Eden meet her soul mate, but they have just until sunset to carry it out.

At first, Eden is completely consumed by the quest for true love, but as she develops genuine affection for Gabe, she begins to care even more about helping him succeed in his mission. Do they make their deadline? Does Eden meet the man of her dreams? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But I will tell you that the beautiful twist at the end will bring joy to your heart and a tear to your eye.

As a single woman often disillusioned with the dating scene myself, I could relate to Eden on so many levels. Ms. Baron’s portrayal of her heroine’s thoughts, feelings and actions was spot-on. Five stars! Highly recommended!
Rating: *****

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