Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire: A Duet

by A. B. Yehoshua

Gail Reid: Friendly Fire covers a week in the lives of a long-married middle-age couple, Amotz and Daniela. Daniela travels alone to Africa to bring some closure to her sister Shuli's sudden death there two years before. Shuli's husband remained at work in Africa, distancing himself from family in Israel and mourning his son who fell victim to "friendly fire" in the Israeli army. Amotz, who stayed behind during this trip, spends a chaotic week trying to work, deal with his elderly father, his father's former lover, his son away in the army reserves, his daughter-in-law and the tribulations of two small grandchildren. In other words, the story of the multi-generational family abounds.

A.B. Yehoshua is one of Israel's most notable authors and his works are known outside of Israel. The uniqueness of this novel lies in the cultural differences that the American reader easily spots. Much is made of Daniela traveling alone without her husband. The endless war that underpins everything in Israel is central to the novel as well as attitude and relationships with the Arab culture in Israel and in Africa.

The novel, while short on plot, resonates wtih strong character development. The characters may not be likeable but they are memorable and reflect a different cultural experience.
Rating: ***

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