Friendship Cake

Friendship Cake

           by Lynne Hinton

Wanda Cohen (11/27/11): I enjoyed this book. It's written from the point of view of Charlotte Stewart, the young Pastor of a small church in North Carolina. Although the setting revolves around her church, it's more about the friendships that develop within the church community, and the power of a circle of five true friends, than it is about the church or religion. Each woman has her own past, her own struggles and her own way of moving, or not moving, beyond the bindings of their past, Charlotte especially. It is a quick read. The interaction between the main characters goes from light and fluffy, to intense, then back again. It made me want to meet these women. It made me want to get to know Lynne Hinton. It also made me want to look for her next book to see what these characters are up to now. I've read better books but I still liked it so I'm giving it a 3+.
Rating: ***+

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