Glover's Mistake

Glover's Mistake

by Nick Laird

Arlene Almas (04/17/12): David, a 35-year-old London intellectual and blogger, has established a close friendship with Ruth, an artist who was once a teacher of his in college. James Glover is a 20-something bartender at David's favorite bar, and whose situation leads to David inviting James to be his "flatmate" (roommate). Naturally Ruth and James meet, and much to David's surprise and dismay, they are attracted to each other in spite of their age difference. The relationship between David and James becomes fraught with tension, and David makes numerous subtle attempts to sabotage the affair, going so far as to mislead and even lie to Ruth and James. Laird makes David's deteriorating emotional state very clear, and causes us concern for the fate of all three characters. Around the central love triangle, the author offers us a satirical look at the London art scene and the major players who are part of our protagonists' circle. There is much sadness to this story, but I found it well worth reading.
Rating: ****

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