Goodbye for Now

Goodbye for Now

by Laurie Frankel

Overview: When Sam Elling creates an algorithm to pair people with their soul mates online, he meets Meredith, his own perfect match. But when Meredithís grandmother Livvie dies unexpectedly, Sam puts his algorithm to even better use: it compiles Livvieís old emails and video chats to create a computer simulation so that Meredith can say goodbye. Itís not supernatural; itís computer science, and Meredith loves itótoo much to keep to herself.

Together, she and Sam open RePose to help others who have lost a loved one. Business takes off, but for every person who just wants to say goodbye, thereís someone else who canít let go. This twenty-first-century love story asks what would happen if saying goodbye were just the beginning, and shows how love can take on a life of its own.

Faith Bowers (10/04/19):This is the second book I read by Laurie Frankel and the second book she wrote. I am working my way back to the first one. Her topics are meant to challenge ourselves in accepting something that is current and controversial. This book questions the value of the ability to be able to talk with your dead loved ones on video chat or through email. Does that help you grieve or prolong grief? Does it help you get through the inevitable or slow down the process.

Laurie Frankel puts humor into her challenging ideas with characters that make you want to be a part of their lives and makes for an excellent discussion for book club.
Rating: ***

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