Grace Eventually

Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith

by Anne Lamott

Kim Sisto Robinson: OHHHH, what can one say about dear, hilareous Anne Lamott? I could read her essays all day long, allow her humor, language, and insight to immerse me, flow over me, absorb inside of me.

This is how Lamott prays: "Help! Help! Help! Please! Please! Please! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She is a woman after my own heart. For readers, especially Christians, whom find Lamott offensive, I say to them... Too bad! It's her honesty, authentic self, and even her deep flaws that make people say, "Yeah,girlfriend, I understand. I've been there."

"Grace, Eventually" is a book of essays, some humorous, and others heartbreaking, but NEVER, NEVER boring. Lamott talks about motherhood, alcoholism, men, addiction, and the BIG J. (Jesus). Several times I found myself screaming, "That's me! I feel that way, too!" Lamott's imperfections are what make this book interesting, is what makes me love Anne Lamott. She is not perfect, but Jesus loves her anyway. My promise to readers....You will not be disappointed reading any of Lamott's books, only better after reading them. I highly reccommend "Traveling Mercies."
Rating: *****

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