Handle With Care

Handle With Care

by Jodi Picoult

Susan Casella: Difficult to get through but also difficult to put down. This book is typical of Jodi's writing style, borders on "uncomfortable" but extremely rivoting. Any mother will count her blessing when reading this book. The ending leaves one to wonder and realize we are never in control!
Rating: ****

Debbie Weiss: My review for "Handle With Care" agrees with Judy Stanton's review 100%. Jodi Picoult has always been one of my favorite authors. Her character development is always excellent and the reader really feels as though she understands the thoughts and actions of each major player in the story. This book is no exception. The book is a fast read and is very interesting. However, the story line here closely resembles the story line of a couple of other recent books of this author and the ending is a complete disappointment. I certainly hope that Jodi Picoult's next book covers some new territory with a different twist.
Rating: ***

Judy Stanton: Jodi Picoult spoke in Alpharetta in March and she is a consummate storyteller. She read short sections of this book and hooked me in immediately. The book is about a child who has osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition which results in excessive breakage of bones. As is the case in all her books, she researches an issue (this one is related to wrongful birth and motherhood), provides details, and shows both sides of the story. For some reason, the repeated physical injuries in this book got to me, I just felt it was overdone. And while I will not give away the ending, I'm concerned that it reflects other books she has written...and I don't want her to become "formulaic." As always, she does a great job developing her characters and getting the reader to see their points of view.
Rating: ***

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