Hardscrabble Road

Hardscrabble Road

by George Weinstein

Judy Stanton (07/31/13): A northerner living in Roswell, I've thought from time to time about where the name "Hardscrabble Road" came from and what it means. I think George Weinstein, a Roswell resident, paints a poignant picture of what it means to live a "hardscrabble" life in this novel set in the depression era in South Georgia. A coming of age story told through the eyes of Bud MacLeod, the book begins before he is even in elementary school and ends close to his 18th birthday. As he grows, the reader is compelled to feel compassion for all the trials and travails he must weather, as his very dysfunctional family falls apart, and its secrets slowly become revealed. The hopefulness of a child is rewarded when Bud does find warmth and even love from a teacher, a neighbor, field workers and others who provide some much needed emotional support for a young man who suffers through a grim and disturbing childhood. The book is well written, with great story telling and carefully drawn pictures of living in the poor, rural South.
Rating: ****

Mary Ann Kavouras (02/01/13): This book is written by a local author who lives in Roswell! The content of the story can be difficult to digest; however, knowing the author wrote the book from real life stories makes it all the more interesting to read. George's father-in-law is from south Georgia and grew up in a dirt poor environment. The main character in the story is based on this father-in-law and his experiences. I had the pleasure of hearing George speak on this book. The way he puts it, the worst parts of the stories were never revealed in real life. Therefore, as George incorporated these stories into the big story, he embellished based on his own speculation. He did say, though, that he believes his hunches aren't far from the truth. The story is not spectacular, but as George said, the life he wrote about wasn't specatular. It just was what it was...I found this book to be a pleasant read despite the difficult content. George's words paint a beautiful picture life in south Georgia during the 1930's and 1940's.
Rating: ****

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