Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith

by Mitch Albom

Alma Klein: This is a true story. The author is called by Rabbi Lewis, who is 82 two years old, the rabbi from his old home town, to deliver his eulogy. For 6 years the author goes back and forth from where he lives in Detroit to his old home town,Cherry Hill, NJ. The discussions with the Rabbi goes back into the meaning of faith. At the same time the author talks about a Detrot Minister and his type of faith. The book ends with the author delivering the eulogy. The Rabbi in this book is the father of Atlanta's own Rabbi Shalom Lewis. It is the true story of how 2 people from different religions have faith.
Rating: *****

Judy Stanton: I have read all of Mitch Albom's books. "Have a Little Faith" most closely resembles his most successful book, "Tuesday with Morrie," which his bio says is "the bestselling memoir of all time." This book is also a memoir -- of his one and only rabbi and a pastor of a church for the homeless in Detroit, where Albom lives. The book is a quick read and very moving, with Rabbi Lewis being a deeply devoted man whose outlook on life is much like Albom's professor, Morrie...very positive, upbeat and always celebrating life. The story of Harry Covington, the preacher whose life was rooted in poverty and crime, adds balance to the memoir. Through it, the message of faith is not based on any one specific religion, but rather a message of hope for humanity. It's simple, direct, warm and real.
Rating: ****

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