Hell's Corner

Hell's Corner

by David Baldacci

Wanda Cohen: Loved this book. It has everything you expect from Baldacci and more. He's the best at the unexpected plot twist. This is an Oliver Stone aka John Carr novel. He has been in many of Baldacci's books and is always one of my favorites. Hell's Corner is the area just in front of the White House. In that area is the closest patrolled and watched over park in the US. When sniper fire and a bomb explode in that park, it's way too close to the president for comfort. Oliver is called back into service for his country after being "retired" for almost 30 years. Can he solve the mystery of who and what is behind the violence? Is it the first step of a larger, more dangerous plot? He uses all his strength and that of his wonderful friends in "The Camel Club" to find the answers. This is a great, very fast read. I couldn't put it down.
Rating: ****

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