Hiding in the Spotlight

Hiding in the Spotlight

by Greg Dawson

Judy Stanton (08/11/12): A wonderfully warm memoir of the life of Zhanna and Frida Arshanskaya written by Zhanna's son, a journalist, focusing on how from 1941-46, the Russian Jewish sisters managed to survive the Holocaust, thanks, in large part, to their prodigious musical abilities, and the support of some amazing, righteous gentiles. The foreword and prologue are as interesting as the book itself, noting that the author didn't learn of his mother's experience until he was 50-years-old and talking about her marriage and re-connection with a long lost friend and family member. Although I've read many Holocaust survival stories, I still thoroughly enjoyed hearing Zhanna's story, in her own words, supported by her son's extensive research to give it clarity and context. A good, quick read.
Rating: *****

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