High Kicking Christmas

High Kicking Christmas

by Marie Bostwick

Overview: After ten years as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall, Kendra Erickson needs a break from Christmas. But when an injury lands her in small-town Vermont where she finds herself directing the local holiday pageant alongside the charming new pastor, Kendra reconsiders her views on life, love--and the most romantic season of all. . .

Laura Hall (09/09/14): A rockette who makes her money through her legs and kicking them high, has her life and future changed when she slips and falls during practice one afternoon. How will she make money to pay her bills since she cannot work and is in a cast for 10 weeks? Her roommate comes to the rescue, but it might include being shipped away to a small town called Maple Grove and have her being more of the director than the kicker! In using her stage talent, she takes an old, dreary play that is put on every Christmas and makes “ a few” changes to get more children interested in the play to hopefully save the town and her behind,,,, or future legs that is! Read on to see how it all settles down in the end… if at all because the doctors do not think after such a bad break she will ever dance again.. but what do they know…. Right?
Rating: *****

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