Holy Water

Holy Water

by James P. Othmer

Arlene Almas: This is a very satirical and witty look at outsourcing - in fact, it reminded me somewhat of the movie "Outsourced" (now a TV show), except that the humor of "Holy Water" is much darker. Happy Mountain Springs, an American bottled water company, is opening a call center in the fictional country of Galado, and Henry is the lucky individual in charge of the operation (it was either that or get fired). This magical little kingdom comes complete with a dying king, an egomaniacal prince, and a population of poor people without, ironically, a sufficient supply of clean water. Henry's growing relationship with Maya, who works in the call center and has a strong desire to help the people of her country, and with Madden, an Australian involved in all manner of dubious businesses but nevertheless proves to be an invaluable resource for Henry, form the central narrative arc. Much of the satire, fittingly enough, is directed at American business practices. Henry's character develops to the point where he actually wants to do some good in the world - and he just may.
Rating: ****

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