Boys Life

Home Safe

by Elizabeth Berg

Debbie Weiss: This novel tells the story of Helen Ames, a middle-aged woman whose husband recently passed away. Helen is a successful author, but is now unable to concentrate and to write any new novels. She is disappointed in herself because she was so dependent on her deceased spouse that she feels helpless with day-to-day tasks and feels as though she is losing control of her own life. Helen is depressed and is depending on her 27-year-old daughter more and more. She also learns that her husband withdrew a substantial amount of money from their bank account prior to his death and Helen can't imagine what that was all about.

An offer to teach a beginning writing class comes Helen's way and she takes it because she needs the money. This opportunity changes her life and allows her to help others while they help her to regain her self-confidence.

I found this book to be a bit trite. I was able to predict what would happen next at every turn. It is a very quick read and will not require much thinking on your part.
Rating: ***

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