Honeymoon in Tehran

Honeymoon in Tehran

by Azadeh Moaveni

Overview: Azadeh Moaveni, longtime Middle East correspondent for Time magazine, returns to Iran to cover the rise of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Living and working in Tehran, she finds a nation that openly yearns for freedom and contact with the West but whose economic grievances and nationalist spirit find an outlet in Ahmadinejad’s strident pronouncements. And then the unexpected happens: Azadeh falls in love with a young Iranian man and decides to get married and start a family in Tehran. Suddenly, she finds herself navigating an altogether different side of Iranian life. As women are arrested for “immodest dress” and the authorities unleash a campaign of intimidation against journalists, Azadeh is forced to make the hard decision that her family’s future lies outside Iran. Powerful and poignant, Honeymoon in Tehran is the harrowing story of a young woman’s tenuous life in a country she thought she could change..

Sharon Weiss (05/15/17): I picked up this book years ago at the Dunwoody Library book sale because the title looked intriguing. Recently retired, I finally had a chance to read it, and it opened my eyes to life in Iran during the Ahmadinejad regime. The author is an Iranian-American who worked as a Middle East correspondent for Time Magazine. While working in Iran, she falls in love with an Iranian man and describes life under the strict Sharia law complete with the wardrobe police. I did not think Americans traveled to Iran during this period of time, but some managed to live and work there. If you want to know what life was really like for Iranians at that time, then you must read this very enlightening book.
Rating: *****

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