How It All Began

How It All Began

by Penelope Lively

Arlene Almas (03/22/12): When Charlotte is mugged by a London teenager, the ripple effect is enormous! After she leaves the hospital due to a broken hip, she goes to stay with her daughter and son-in-law Rose and Gerry. Rose is a personal assistant to Lord Henry Peters, a doddering old academic, once well-known in his field but now well past his prime. Henry's daughter Marion is having an affair with Jeremy, a married man. She accompanies Henry to an academic luncheon, since Rose cannot make it due to her mother's hospitalization, where she (Marion) meets George, who engages her services as a high-end interior decorator for a flat (apartment) he is preparing to sell to a client. Back to Charlotte: she arranges for one of the students in her reading English for the foreign-born class, Anton, to meet with her once a! week at Rose and Gerry's house for one-on-one teaching. Be assured that there's much to follow in this very delightful book.
Rating: *****

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