I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing

by Nora Ephron

Gail Reid: Nora Ephron's "I Remember Nothing" a memoir on women and aging follows "I Feel Bad About My Neck" three years later. The chapters are short; and the issues are about the same. A woman pushing 70, Ephron gains a great deal of support from her readership when she recounts how hard it is to remember anything! And, particularly the names of people at parties!

Unlike her earlier work, I think that this one lacks depth. We do learn about her early life wth an alcoholic mother; and we learn again and again the repercussions of her divorce; and, of course, there are a few good recipes thrown in from a serious foodie. But this book lacks the poignance of her other. In fact, one week after I finished it, I Remember Nothing.
Rating: ***

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