by Michele Wolf

Ava Donsky Shuster: This slim volume of poetry by Ms. Wolf was very moving; when I closed the book, I felt I had been given a gift. Heady, strong, sweet and sorrowful come to mind as adjectives, but unfortunately, I do not possess this gifted poet's ability to write. There were several poems that brought tears to my eyes. Her love for her husband, daughter and parents is delivered to the reader with clarity and great tenderness. I will be sharing one of them with my husband for our upcoming anniversary. He doesn't read poetry but I know he will feel the intensity of her words and appreciate it. Her experiences in motherhood (many of these deal with the adoption of their daughter from China) made me breathe deeply and marvel at her ability to condense those amazing emotions into such a small place on the page! She wrote what I feel. Other poems in the collection deal with life's harsher moments. Those clutched at my core as well. She is masterful with words. Read this book. I think you will feel her joys and her sorrows; you will identify with them and be expanded.
Rating: *****

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