Imperfect Birds

Imperfect Birds

by Anne Lamott

Arlene Almas: many of us know, parenting a teenager can be, to put it diplomatically, a huge challenge. Rosie's mother Elizabeth and stepfather James gradually come to realize they are experiencing the nightmare of an addicted teenage daughter, who lies continuously to conceal the lives she and her friends are leading. Rosie is very bright (she manages to excel in school even though she seems to be stoned most of the time) and has an extremely strong independent streak - she constantly veers between love for her parents and contempt for them and their attempts to curtail her increasingly dangerous behavior. The author doesn't pull any punches; she gives us direct, honest observations of her characters' feelings and language - these people appeared very real to me. I couldn't guess how Rosie, Elizabeth, and James' story would resolve itself, and had to read to the very end to find out.
Rating: ****

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