In One Person

In One Person

by John Irving

Arlene Almas (08/02/12): This is a John Irving novel, so naturally the protagonist is a uniquely quirky individual. As usual with this author, we follow William from childhood to adulthood, learning who he is, how he develops into the person he becomes, and everything about the people who influence that development. As he is bisexual, some of the narrative is quite provocative; if you know this will be disturbing to you, it would probably be best if you pass up this book. Also possibly disturbing is Irving's blunt, detailed depiction of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and its effects on those afflicted with that horrific disease. In addition, Irving has a tendency to revisit certain scenes, I assume to stress their significance to the story. But if you can bear with the repetition and the grim parts, you will be rewarded with the story of a young man determined to live as the person he truly is, and his relationships with the people who shape his life.
Rating: ****

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