In the Company of Liars

In the Company of Liars

by David Ellis

Judy Stanton: As I was looking up the book "The Company of Liars," I came across this book "IN THE Company of Liars" and was intrigued. I like a good mystery and different approaches to telling a story, so when I learned that this was considered a "thriller" and written in "backwards" order, I couldn't resist. Well, in the end, I did enjoy it; but I would honestly not recommend it for my reader friends who have had trouble following the plot/characters/order in other novels, such as "The Time Traveler's Wife." In the beginning, I found myself going back to earlier chapters to remind myself of who was who and what had happened. After awhile, I stopped doing that and just moved forward...or backwards. I am disappointed when stories are too predictable, and I really thought I had this mystery figured out. NOT. And that made it more compelling. It is interesting to finish a book and then be forced to think through again what you had read in light of the new information you got at the end...which was really the beginning. Totally confused? Try it, you may just like it.
Rating: ****

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