In the Woods

In the Woods

by Tana French

Gail Reid (09/02/13): When young Dublin detectives Cassie and Rob are assigned to the murder case of a 12-year old girl in an outlying town, the case has potential to galvanize their careers. The murder site is controversial: archaeologists are working frantically to analyze the ancient site before developers are slated to begin major road development and destroy the historical environs. The girl's father leads up the opposition to the roadway. Is the murder retaliation by investors or politicians or any of the archaeology team? Is the family under suspicion for their unusual behavior and their past history in the town?

Strangely another murder occured on the same remote site more than 20 years before which detective Rob was intimately and secretly involved with. Rob and Cassie look for ties between the two cases without revealing Rob's personal history. As partners and best friends, they also spend a lot of time together enjoying each other's company. The reader wonders more than the characters whether or when the relationship will move beyond friendship.

At nearly 500 pages, there are multiple subplots and multiple mysteries occuring. The basic story is interesting enough and the setting in Ireland provides a different sort of background. All in all, I found the book too convoluted. That the two major plots did not tie together satisfactorily was also disappointing, because I thought the author was leading me in that direction.

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