(Southern Son:  The Saga of Doc Holliday)

by Victoria Wilcox

Carol Sherman (09/29/13): The Old South meets the Wild West in a trilogy of historical novels about the life of the legendary Doc Holliday. The saga begins with Inheritance.

I am a queen emeritus of the Red Hat Society (and yes we do have fun and lots of great networking opportunities with wonderful women from around the US and the world!). This April I was fortunate to be able to attend the international convention in Atlanta. The speaker for our Saturday breakfast was Victoria Wilcox, an author who resides in Atlanta. Her presentation was enjoyable, informative and very entertaining. She had just published her first book in a historical fiction trilogy about Doc Holliday. I bought it and thoroughly enjoyed the book.

18 years of research went into this Western legend and Old South connection. This first book tells the story of real life John Henry Holliday and Mattie his cousin. He later became the Western legend and she Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind. They are in love. You follow their lives through their early years, the tragedies of the Civil War, their living in the Atlanta area and in South Georgia, and the adventurous spirit of John Henry. I found myself thinking ‘Please don’t do that John Henry – you will have to suffer from that action.’ And suffer he did but was not defeated. This book ends with John Henry going westward to begin the rest of his life, to be continued in book two, Gone West.

See for more information about Ms. Wilcox and to follow this trilogy when the other two books come out.
Rating: *****

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