Iron House

Iron House

by John Hart

Judy Stanton (11/07/11): Iron House is a fast-paced, sometimes convoluted thriller, that keeps you coming back to fill in the pieces of the puzzle. John Hart is an excellent writer, although I admit glossing over some of the too graphic violent descriptions. Any book that can have the reader feeling sympathy for murderers has to do a good job of delving below the surface of the characters. The story centers around Michael and Julian, brothers who survived Iron House, a home for abandoned orphaned boys. The book starts when they are adults, but flashes back to the injustices they survived, and shows how it impacted their lives as adults. Just when you think you figured out what's happening, another revelation is added, taking you by surprise. Too many books, in my opinion, like movies, have the lead characters ending up as famed authors or fabulously wealthy people; I can see this becoming a movie, so, in that sense, it fits the bill. No, it's not "realistic," but it is compelling. A good read.
Rating: ****

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