Island of a Thousand Mirrors

Island of a Thousand Mirrors

by Nayomi Munaweera

Overview: Before violence tore apart the tapestry of Sri Lanka and turned its pristine beaches red, there were two families; two young women, ripe for love with hopes for the future; and a chance encounter that leads to the terrible heritage they must reckon with for years to come.

One tragic moment that defines the fate of these women and their families will haunt their choices for decades to come. In the end, love and longing promise only an uneasy peace.

A sweeping saga with the intimacy of a memoir that brings to mind epic fiction like The Kite Runner and The God of Small Things, Nayomi Munaweera's Island of a Thousand Mirrors strikes mercilessly at the heart of war. It offers an unparalleled portrait of a beautiful land during its most difficult moments.

Faith Bowers (04/05/18): This is a story about the Sri Lanka civil war starting in the 1980s. The racism between Sinhala, light colored and Tamil, darker peoples is political. The Kliegs of the Tamil by the Sinhala solders bring about the civil war. Meanwhile we read about families, where the Tamil join the Sinhala, how they escape to England and America and how they come back. The writing of four generations of families is beautiful which makes you want to go to another time when Sri Lanka’s warm oceans invite you to be a part of the country.
Rating: ***

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