It Takes Two

It Takes Two: Our Story

by Jonathan and Drew Scott

Overview: Jonathan and Drew Scott, known for their wildly popular HGTV shows including Property Brothers and Brother vs Brother, follow up their New York Times bestseller, Dream Home, with a highly anticipated memoir. It Takes Two: Our Story shares never-before-revealed tales of the brothers’ childhood and rise to fame—from starting their first business at 7 years old, their years modeling and acting, to their first house purchase at the impressive young age of eighteen. They soon found their true passion in life, combining their natural gifts for entertaining with the skills they learned from buying, renovating, and selling homes. Complete with hilarious behind-the-scenes stories from set, Jonathan and Drew discuss how their family and upbringing have led to their success in life. Throughout, the brothers keep fans laughing with the clever—and sometimes zany—sibling banter for which they’re known best.

Deanna Boe (12/06/17): For those of you who watch HGTV you are familiar with these two men, better known as THE PROPERTY BROTHERS. Once more this was a book I casually picked up at the Roswell library simply because I couldn’t find anything that reached out and grabbed my attention. I am so happy that I did! What a great book and one I have immediately sent to three of my daughters and their children to read. What a wonderful story as to how these twin brothers were raised, how hard they worked at various projects, at such a young age, before they finally became well known on HGTV. Their parents were obviously very understanding and encouraging and because of that help it established ingenuity, diligence, honesty, and other positive traits in their sons. Something that all parents could only wish their children would be like.

The format of the book is cleverly written. The chapters alternate between one brother writing and then the other – with each making comments written on the side about what the other has written. For those of you who don’t know, Jonathan and Drew are identical twins and I found myself getting mixed up at different times as to who was writing what and why. It is obvious they have a very close and carrying relationship, the type all of us would like our children to have. The sibling teasing is not only funny but often very candid.
Rating: ****

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