Boys Life

It's a Crime

by Jacqueline Carey

Arlene Almas: Talk about "ripped from the headlines!" If you might enjoy a very funny book about our very sad economic situation, complete with fat cat executive crooks, try this one. We have Pat as our main character - she's completely clueless about what her husband Frank did at his firm, and is stunned when he's sentenced to a prison term while his superiors remain free. Pat, being cheerful and good-hearted, decides to even out the scales by writing checks to people who invested money in Frank's company and lost it all when the company collapsed - she is able to do this with mega-bonus funds Frank received the year before. One of these beneficiaries turns out to be an old high school friend of Pat's, who in spite of her misgivings joins in Pat's efforts.

In the midst of all this, Pat is also dealing with her young adolescent daughter (cynical and sarcastic, but also has her own plan to "make things right"), her lover from many years ago, and the lover's teenage son. If I had just lost my life's savings through some corporate malfeasance I might not have found this story so humorous, but fortunately, not being in that position, I was able to enjoy some laughs while reading about Pat and her adventures. Recommended!
Rating: ****

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