by Stephen King

Ricki Brodie (02/28/14): This book is somewhat of a departure for Stephen King. It is billed as a hard crimes novel. As a lover of mystery and a King fan, it left me with a somewhat ho mum feel. It is a story of a broken-hearted college kid who takes a summer job at an amusement park. There had been an unsolved murder there several years before and the victim’s ghost is said to haunt the ride. The cover looks like it is going to be a sexy pulp fiction type of book. It really is a coming of age story with a mystery tied to it.

As the hero says, this is “[t]he year I saved a nice little girl from choking and a fairly nasty old man from dying of a heart attack. The year a madman almost killed me. The year I wanted to see a ghost. That was also the year I learned to talk a secret language, and how to dance the Hokey Pokey in a dog costume. The year I discovered that there are worse things than losing the girl.”

It is worth the quick read, but if you are expecting true King spine-chilling emotions, you won’t find them here. 3+
Rating: *****

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