Juliet Naked

Juliet, Naked

by Nick Hornby

Arlene Almas: Annie and Duncan have been living in Gooleness, a boring little town by the sea in England, for about 15 years - their relationship has become boring as well. Duncan's greatest interest in life is the musical career of Tucker Crowe, an American whose most famous album is "Juliet," based on his breakup with a his beautiful wife; after its release he has not recorded anything for 20 years. When a recording called "Juliet, Naked" surfaces, containing practice versions of the songs on "Juliet," Annie submits, on a whim, a critique of the "new" album to Duncan's website for dedicated "Crowlologists" describing how much better the enhanced professional version is. This is in direct contradiction to Duncan's post, which declares that "Juliet, Naked" is much superior to "Juliet." Surprisingly, Tucker Crowe himself replies to Annie by e-mail, and they begin a correspondence. The rest of the story I will leave to you, the readers, to discover - the writing is excellent, the humor dry and witty, and the outcome emotionally satisfying.
Rating: *****

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