Just Friends

Just Friends

by Robyn Sisman

Kim Sisto Robinson: Okay, this book will not win the Pulitzer, but it gave me what I needed: A single woman (I forgot what it feels like) predictability, romance, swanky restaurants, hip girlfriends, good looking guys, and some hot sex. I mean, after "Pillars of the Earth," I desired fluff, fun, fashion, and flirtation rather than Cathedrals & Monks; And Robyn Sisman offered me all of this.

Freya is the girl we all want to become sometimes: beautiful, thin, funny, insightful, and of course, talks with a British accent. There are several story lines happening simultaneously, and I found myself laughing aloud even when I knew what was likely to happen next. Like I said, what we need occasionally is just to have a damn good time, and Sisman gives us a bit of Sex and the City!
Rating: ***

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