Keep You CLose

Keep You Close

by Karen Cleveland

Overview:Stephanie Maddox works her dream job policing power and exposing corruption within the FBI. Getting here has taken her nearly two decades of hard work, laser focus, and personal sacrifices—the most important, she fears, being a close relationship with her teenage son, Zachary. A single parent, Steph’s missed a lot of school events, birthdays, and vacations with her boy—but the truth is, she would move heaven and earth for him, including protecting him from an explosive secret in her past. It just never occurred to her that Zachary would keep secrets of his own.

One day while straightening her son’s room, Steph is shaken to discover a gun hidden in his closet. A loaded gun. Then comes a knock at her front door—a colleague on the domestic terrorism squad, who utters three devastating words: “It’s about Zachary.”

So begins a compulsively readable thriller of deception and betrayal, as Stephanie fights to clear her son’s name, only to expose a shadowy conspiracy that threatens to destroy them both—and bring a country to its knees. Packed with shocking twists and intense family drama, Keep You Close is an electrifying exploration of the shattering consequences of the love that binds—and sometimes blinds—a mother and her child.

Deanna Boe (08/09/19): I guess this book is what you can call a “domestic thriller.” It does keep you in suspense and wondering just what is going to happen. At the same time you are somewhat perplexed as to how the leading character, a female FBI agent, who has landed her coveted job as Chief of the Internal Bureau Investigation, can react the way she does in the various parts of the book. For instance, why didn’t she #1 confront her son more about the gun she found in his closet? #2 Couldn’t she have traced it by the serial number? #3 The fact she refused to ever tell her mother about the father of her son and how she was raped also left me wondering about that aspect, especially once the man reappeared in her life and also her son’s. #4 Is it because all of this is so personal that she doesn’t appear to be handling the situation correctly? Especially the way she involved another agent, a man she had loved, which resulted in such drastic results. No matter, the book did keep my interest and was different from other books I have been reading recently, so from that standpoint it was good. Although the ending left me mystified and wondering if it is leading to a sequel?
Rating: *****

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