Killer's Island

Killer's Island

by Anna Jannson

Ricki Brodie (01/14/14): After reading Steig Larsen, Jo Nesbo and other Scandinavian authors reading Killerís Island was disappointing. The book is part of a series highlighting a detective, Maria Wern. I did not think she had a major role in this mystery. The book begins with a boy a being attacked, Maria attacked for coming to his rescue, a nurse being attacked, getting out of that danger only to be decapitated and displayed as a bride in a public park and more. Another officer, Erika, is trying to solve the murders while starting a new relationship with a doctor at a neighborhood clinic.

I usually am not good at solving the mysteries and want the book to unfold. Unfortunately, I figured out what was going on rather early. It was a fast read but there are better books out there on which to spend oneís time.
Rating: **

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