Lady Bird

Lady Bird: A Biography of Mrs. Johnson

by Jan Jarboe Russell

Overview:A revealing biography of Lady Bird Johnson exposes startling insights into her marriage to Lyndon Baines Johnson—and her unexpectedly strong impact on his presidency. Long obscured by her husband’s shadow, Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson emerges in this first comprehensive biography as a figure of surprising influence and the centering force for LBJ, a man who suffered from extreme mood swings and desperately needed someone to help control his darker impulses.

Expertly researched and written, Lady Bird draws from rare conversations with the former First Lady and from interviews with key members of Johnson’s inner circle of friends, family, and advisers. With chapters such as “Motherless Child,” “A Ten-Week Affair,” and “LBJ’s Midlife Crisis,” Lady Bird sheds light on Mrs. Johnson’s childhood, on her amazing acumen as a businesswoman, and on the central role she played in her husband’s life and political career. A vital link to the Kennedys during LBJ’s uneasy tenure as vice president and a voice of conscience on civil rights, Jan Jarboe Russell reveals Lady Bird as a political force. In this intimate portrait, Russell shows us the private Lady Bird—not only a passionate conservationist but a remarkable woman who greatly influenced her husband, his administration, and the country.

Sharon Weiss (07/28/19): If you grew up during Lyndon Johnson's presidency and remember the Kennedy Assassination, the Vietnam War, the War on Poverty, Civil Rights Movement, and the protests, then this book will bring back memories of that era and give you a behind the scenes look at the man in charge and his wife. You will learn about the childhood of Lady Bird and LBJ and how it influenced their lives. You will find out how Lady Bird built a radio broadcasting business and contributed to LBJ's campaigns. You will find out about LBJ's many infidelities and understand the strange relationship between Lady Bird and LBJ that made their marriage endure. It was well written and a real eye opener for me. Definitely worth reading.
Rating: *****

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